Careware Wash-Pad WP701


Brand: Careware
Size: 7″ x 5.5″ x 2.5″

  • Sponge core holds more water than a mitt making more suds faster
  • Soft fibers clean dirt and grime away while delivering a sparkling wash
  • Washes all surfaces and glass
  • Versatile wash tool for home and auto use
  • Made in USA
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Product Description

Our Careware Wash-Pad is the ideal size for most types of cleaning applications. Large enough for the body of the car, yet small enough to get into the small cracks and crevices, our wash pad can be used to safely clean any surface. Use our Wash-Pad to clean the car, boat, PWC, kayak, paddle board, motorcycle, aircraft or any other surface that requires a soft touch. For best results, use with warm soapy water. Safe to use on any surface while wet.

Careware Wash-Pad Use and Care Instructions

Wet pad thoroughly. To wash car, boat or any surface, lather Wash-Pad™ with either mild detergent or car wash liquid onto fully wet pad. Superior to wash mitts, the combination of the super-absorbent sponge and high-pile, soft fiber holds much more water and makes loads of lather in seconds. Soft fibers clean dirt and grime away while delivering a sparkling wash.

Wash-Pad™ may be used dry for dusting, except on glossy surfaces where scratching is possible. Ideal as a paint or floor wax applicator. After each use wash Wash-Pad™ in mild detergent, rinse clean and hang to dry.

Instrucciones Para el uso y Cuidado del Producto

Moje la esponja completamente. Para lavar autos, botes o cualquier otra superficie, enjabone la Wash-Pad™, ya mojada, con detergente suave o jabón para lavar autos.
Mejor que las manoplas para el lavado, la combinación de esponja súper absorbente y de fibra suave y gruesa atrapa mucho más agua y hace espuma en segundos. Las fibras
suaves limpian la suciedad y la mugre y dejando la superficie reluciente.

Use la Wash-Pad™ seca para desempolvar, con la excepción de superficies lustradas que pueden rayarse. Ideal para aplicar pintura o cera de pisos. Después de cada uso lave la Wash-Pad™ con una solución jabonosa suave, enjuáguela bien, y cuélguela hasta que se seque.

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 in





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