Careware Cham-Pad CP703

7″x 4″x 1-3/4″

Brand: Careware
Size: 7″ x 4″ x 1.75″

  • Our Cham-Pad features genuine leather chamois material made from New Zealand sheepskin tanned with 100% marine oil and sewn in the USA
  • Chamois has a natural ability to absorb water and is safest material to use for scratch and spot free drying of your car’s finish, rims, dash and glass
  • Medium weight for maximum absorption and wring-ability, and buffed to maximize softness and available nap
  • The Cham-Pad is also an ideal demister pad ideal for use on windshields and mirrors
  • Convenient size for storing in the glove box or console
  • Great for removing dust and fingerprints from touch screen surfaces as well
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Product Description

Our Careware Cham-Pad is a natural product tanned with 100 percent fish oil from the finest select sheepskin for unsurpassed performance. Chamois has a natural ability to absorb water and is safest material to use for scratch and spot free drying of your car, glass and appliances. Chamois can also be used dry to clean dust and fingerprints from touch screen surfaces. Made from New Zealand Sheepskin, Tanned in Turkey and Sewn in the USA, our Cham-Pad is a combination of the finest materials from around the world

Because of its ability to protect the surface being dried from scratching, marring and swirl marks, Chamois cloth is the preferred drying material for most high-end applications. Chamois leather not only has a large amount of nap, to pull dirt and grit away from the surface and into the fiber structure of the cloth, but is more effective at releasing the dirt and grit when rinsed; ensuring that it does not become abrasive over time.

Preparing a Careware Cham-Pad for Use

Before using a Cham-Pad for the first time the residual tanning oils must be removed to ensure that it will perform as intended. The excess fats and oils that protect the chamois cloth during transport and storage, will also streak the finish if not removed. To remove the excess oils, wash the Cham-Pad in lukewarm water with a mild soap, preferably one intended for use on cars. DO NOT USE A DEGREASING SOAP (like Dawn or Simple Green), HARSH CHEMICALS (such as bleach or ammonia) or LAUNDRY DETERGENT, as these will strip the tanning oils out of the chamois, leaving the leather unprotected and causing it to rot and fall apart. A Cham-Pad that has been washed or cleaned with any of the above will become brittle, dry and shed pieces of itself all over the finish. After thoroughly washing the new Cham-Pad with a car wash soap, rinse the chamois with clean water and wring out completely. Wash, rinse, wring, replace the rinse water and repeat until the rinse water no longer has a yellow tint. Use right away, or hang up to dry in the shade. Do not hang out to dry in direct sunlight or put away wet, or put in a plastic bag wet.

Cleaning and Storing a Careware Cham-Pad

After each use a Cham-Pad should be thoroughly washed with clean soapy water, rinsed and wrung out repeatedly until clean. A chamois should never be washed with any type of soap not specifically intended for washing a vehicle (use only car wash soap). Leaving a bit of soap in a Cham-Pad will not damage the leather. To dry a Cham-Pad, allow to dry away from direct sunlight. Never machine wash or tumble dry, store wet in an air-tight bag or put a Cham-Pad in anything air-tight while wet.
If the dirt is not completely washed and rinsed from the vehicle, stains on the Cham-Pad are likely to occur. However, as long as the Cham-Pad has been thoroughly washed and rinsed, the stains are on the hide itself and are not abrasive; so the chamois can continue to be used.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 4 x 1.8 in




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