Auto Wash / Auto Dry Premium Synthetic Cloth 3.5 sqft

Auto Wash/Auto Dry
Premium Synthetic Cloth
3.5 sq ft

Brand: Auto Wash ● Auto Dry
Model: AA60W
Size: 3.5 sq. ft.

  • Long-lasting 100% Egyptian Cotton with mild Polyurethane
  • Great for Cleaning and Drying Vehicles, Bathrooms, Kitchen Counters, Tile, Windows, Mirrors, and more
  • Soft and Absorbent Wet or Dry
  • Multi use Drying and Polishing
  • Rugged Tear-Resistant Material
  • Premium Woven Drying Cloth
  • Safe for all Surfaces
  • Machine Washable and Reusable

Product Description

The AA60W 3.5 sq. ft. Auto Wash ● Auto Dry Synthetic Washing/Drying Cloth is made of a unique blend of 100% Egyptian cotton with a mild polyurethane skin. This is NOT a leather chamois, but a premium synthetic cloth that is great for washing or drying. Our premium synthetic cloths, like a chamois, are able to absorb large amounts of water is its sponge-like fiber structure, which creates a capillary action. This gives the cloth its unique ability to safely and effectively wash or dry almost any surface. Our Auto Wash/Auto Dry synthetic cloth remains soft wet or dry, and although no synthetic material is as effective as a genuine natural leather chamois, the Auto Wash ● Auto Dry Synthetic Washing/Drying Cloth is a premium material and superior to other synthetic solutions. Besides the home cleaning and drying applications, the Auto Wash ● Auto Dry Cloth is great for use on automobile, boat, and aircraft, as well as drying your pet. With proper care this premium cloth can last for years.

Washing with Your Auto Wash / Auto Dry Synthetic Cloth

Before using, rinse your Auto Wash/Auto Dry in lukewarm water. Using a mild soap, your Auto Wash/ Auto Dry can perform like a sponge to clean your car. After use, rinse thoroughly to insure total removal of all soap and dirt.

Drying with Your Auto Wash / Auto Dry Synthetic Cloth

Use your Auto Wash/Auto Dry damp to wipe area you have already washed. Repeat wringing and wiping until the entire area is dry. After use, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry away from direct sunlight or heat.

Caring for Your Auto Wash / Auto Dry Synthetic Chamois Cloth

To preserve the life of your Auto Wash/Auto Dry, do not use it with strong chemicals or bleach. Do not store damp. Hand or machine wash with mild detergent. But DO NOT use detergents that contain or use fabric softener, as most fabric softener products are wax based and hinder the absorbency of all fabrics. Our synthetic cloths typically dry soft (they do not need softeners). Line dry or dry in dryer with NO or LOW HEAT.

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