ABSORB & SHINE Drying Cloth Synthetic Drying Cloth 3.5 sqft

Absorb & Shine
Synthetic Drying Cloth
3.5 sq ft

Brand: Absorb and Shine
Model: AS350
Size: 3.5 sq. ft.

  • Long-lasting synthetic blend
  • Great for Cleaning and Drying Vehicles, Bathrooms, Kitchen Counters, Tile, Windows, Mirrors, and more
  • Safe for all Surfaces
  • Soft and Absorbent
  • Machine Washable and Reusable
  • Rugged Tear-resistant Material
  • Multi use Drying and Polishing
  • Economy Drying Material

Product Description

The AS350 3.5 sq. ft. ABSORB & SHINE ™ Drying Cloth remains soft wet or dry, is safe for almost any surface and is machine washable. The AS350 is our economy synthetic drying cloth. It is made of a tear-resistant synthetic blend that can be used for a wide variety of applications. The ability of our ABSORB & SHINE™ to absorb and hold large amounts of water, is due to its sponge-like fiber structure that creates a capillary action wicking moisture up into the fiber and away from the surface. This is NOT a leather chamois. And although no synthetic material is as effective as a genuine natural leather chamois, the ABSORB & SHINE™ Synthetic drying cloth is superior to most other synthetic drying solutions and extremely economical.

Besides the home cleaning and drying applications, the ABSORB & SHINE™ Synthetic chamois is great for use on car, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and aircraft. It also works well for drying bathroom counters, tile, kitchen counters and back-splashes, windows, mirrors, and for drying your pets. With proper care The Absorb and Shine Synthetic chamois can last for years.

Using Your Absorb & Shine Synthetic Cloth Wet

Pre-wash to open the weave and release excess fabric coating. After washing any surface, use ABSORB & SHINE™ to soak excess water. For best results, wring often. Ideal for windows, chrome and wheel covers.

Using Your Absorb & Shine Synthetic Cloth Dry

ABSORB & SHINE™ works well for dry use applications such as dusting, dry polishing and general cleanup. Super absorbent as a sponge cloth for soaking up spills. Excellent for glass, metal, fiberglass and plastic.

Caring for Your Absorb & Shine Synthetic Drying Cloth

after each use, wash by hand or machine wash warm. Hang to dry. Do not use strong chemicals or bleaches that affect cotton products. Store dry.

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